Prabowo feels highly betrayed by the media and journalists

Prabowo Subianto. Prabowo Subianto said he was disappointed with reporters, in his address at the commemoration of the International Day of Disability, Prabowo said that the media or press had tried to manipulate democracy

"The media are great with big names and say they are objective even though they are part of the effort to manipulate democracy. We talk right, right, the wrong one is wrong, they want to say that 11 million is only 15 thousand. Some even say that more than 1,000 ask what is up to him, "he said

According to Prabowo, journalist Prabowo Subianto, journalists and the media betrayed his profession

"There are a dozen million they don't want to report. they have betrayed their duties as reporters. They have betrayed their duties as journalists. I say hey, the media who don't want to say there are a dozen million people or at least how many millions of people there, you have no right to look at predictable journalists again, "he said

Prabowo Subianto said, there were parties who wanted to bribe the public in the election later with money obtained from dirty practices.

"The money that comes from improper practices, the rough money they get from stealing Indonesian people's money. with that money they want to bribe all layers of the Indonesian nation. all layers. all political parties are bought. officials purchased. The people want to be deceived, "Prabowo said


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